Scope of MBA in India

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  • 21 May 2012
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Gone are the days when you could settle for a bachelor’s degree. With the growth of MNCs and branding, new challenges emerge everyday. To find solutions for these business issues, adequate skills are required to excel in the industry. Nowadays in India, MBA is more of a necessity than a means to advance your knowledge. MBA education helps in developing the skills of an individual to its maximum potential to succeed in this competitive world.

Earlier, there were few colleges which offered MBA. It was a highly selective degree. But present day situation calls for a master’s degree for better career opportunities. As opposed to older days, today there’s no dearth of MBA colleges in India. MBA includes a lot of specializations as well like marketing, HR, finance, operations etc. Students can pursue any course right from finance degrees to travel, media and entertainment in MBA!

MBA courses makes the students understand the functional knowledge of business organization and develop problem solving approach. Apart from the theoretical knowledge of management, MBA also helps in developing communication skills, ability to work in teams and over all personality development.

While there is a high premium attached to the MBA in India, the profile of the business school awarding the degree is what adds value to the qualification. A degree from a leading business school such as the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) or the Indian School of Business (ISB) ensures a plum job, a fat pay packet and a successful professional life.

Indian business schools hope to make their mark in an increasingly crowded marketplace by closely following global standards. Many of the leading B-schools like IIMs, and the Indian School of Business, have applied for global accreditation. International accreditation will help students get their degrees recognized globally. These schools are identifying best practices to help them benchmark with foreign schools and attract the best students and faculty. Accreditation, evaluation and grading of programs, as is the norm with business schools in the West, are a few of the things being considered.

Thus, MBA is considered a golden ticket to the world of professional success in India.

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